Your Empire


The road to dominion

This isn't an average man's deed. You will need a vision so brilliant that it inspires a whole population. Build a city that your people truly worship; a city they will defend with conviction. Do you found a trade empire or raise a self-sufficient domain? Will you deal with threats mercifully – or double the stakes? Conduct your vision with fervor and defend it against all odds. No one will be able to stop you.

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Craft a scheme

Be smart about your options. It takes an expert to know when to expand your domain and when it's better to strengthen your infrastructure. An army without supplies quickly loses momentum. Will you guard your outposts and leave your center open or do you let chance decide their fate? The better your plan, the more powerful you will become.

Hone your skills

There are plenty of ways to specialize. Adapt to the circumstances by turning your villages into strongholds, cultural centers, military camps or resource havens. Analyze your opponents and produce the perfect military strategy to trump theirs. Train your hero to help where they are needed most, be it supplies for your village, or raw power on the battlefield. Hidden strategies are everywhere, waiting to be uncovered.

Explore, Expand and Exterminate

The Travian world offers innumerable areas to explore. Discover resource oases, proclaim them and double your productions. If you're still hungry, you can coerce your neighbors to support your domain - or let them be swallowed by it. When you stumble across an old, heavily guarded artifact, be advised. Legends say that whoever steals one and solves how to use it will yield incredible power.

“Create a dynasty of a thousand years!”