Choose your legend


The Hammer

You are always leading the charge. You are the tip of the spear or the ram that knocks down the first wall. Battles carry your name and enemies shiver at its mention. Soon will you command large armies and relentlessly pillage your way across the lands. But make no mistake - this path is not an easy one. If you can’t handle competition, this one's not for you. But if you'd risk life and limb for boundless rewards and glory - join us. Be the hammer.

Top 5 attackers

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Raise an army

Do you want to lead a horde as wide as the horizon, causing enemies to flee at the sheer sight of it? Or do you prefer a squad of military experts, beating a dozen men each without breaking a sweat. How you dominate is up to you. And don't worry about defenses. Nobody wants to give your army a reason to visit.

Raid, conquer and cause some mayhem

Your favorite strategy begins with a rampage. Why waste time harvesting resources, when you can knock down your neighbor's door and ask politely. Demolish common enemies and strangers will become friends. And friends happily donate resources to keep peace. Soon, word will spread of the warrior who seizes what he wants and your demands will be met with respect.

You are the champion

Do you conquer their villages or burn them to the ground? Which building should meet your catapults first? Some decisions are harder than others, but you don't have to make them by yourself. Find some allies, multiply your power and attack from all angles. Don’t choose how to fight – choose how to win.

"A real warrior earns all he can take."

Harder than Steel

Stand your ground. Outlast attack after attack until they grow tired and desperate. Don't waste your time with petty fights. You are in this for the long run. Soon, the size of your walls will crush any hopes of conquest and your foe's puny villages will live in the shadow of your fortress. Your strategic finesse won't go unnoticed. Group together, form a regional superpower and end this war on your terms.

Top 5 defenders

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Think Long Term

Time is your greatest ally. With each worn down opponent, your position in the region strengthens. Refine your drills and forge stronger weaponry until your army outclasses everyone in battle. Expand with new settlements, push the construction of specialized buildings and invest into a cultured and healthy society. With a strong foundation, you will outlast your opponents until it’s time for your greatest achievement.

Protector of the People

Your army won't have to catch flies in your village. Weaken your opponents by sending secret support to your neighbors. Nothing is more satisfying than an unprepared army crashing into your stronghold. Helping friends brings many benefits. On top of resources and open favors, a strong defensive bond will make sure you never are in trouble. With your prowess and protection comes diplomatic power.

Be a Team Player

Alliance decisions will be in your favor when they depend on your defenses. Ensure support to other allies and become the glue that holds confederacies together. While others fight over powerful artifacts, yours are safely protected. And when your alliance erects a Wonder of the World, you will be its guardian. With the combined forces of your whole alliance in your fortress, victory will be yours.

"The true victor still stands at the end."

Lead with Greatness

Without leaders, there are no empires. Become the center of your alliance and lead it to glory of an unprecedented scale. With your diplomatic expertise, you find the solutions that nobody else can. Arrange treaties that make your domain untouchable. Devise cunning strategies, play enemies off against each other and pull every string until the whole realm follows your will. Conduct the symphony of war to your liking.


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Silver-Tongued Agent

Communication is your most powerful tool. Keep spirits in your alliance high and solve problems before they arise. Confederacies will depend on your diplomatic finesse to ease tensions and craft plans that appease all parties. Sternly negotiate with your enemies and make it clear that your alliance doesn't back down. A threat now and then hasn't hurt anybody. At least not on your end.

Wise Mentor

A strong leader inspires greatness in others. Scout for new members and conceive individual strategies for them to become powerful assets. Support talented advisers and turn them into capable leaders. You will fight side by side with trusted companions and form friendships outlasting a single game world. You are the gear that turns a group of strangers into a perfect clockwork.

Cunning Strategist

Your fellow alliance members rely on you in times of need. Coordinate defenses swiftly and don’t give your enemies a single opening. Act wisely and win battles without losing a single soldier. You will orchestrate invasions of such epic scale, they'll become myths known to all. When it's time, craft a strategy that unfolds over months and enjoy its perfect execution.

"Steer the course of this world into your control."