Final Glory


The Wonder of the World

Everything you have done boils down to this task. A man-made mountain of white and gold, with descending series of gardens and rivers, reflecting the sunlight in almost divine ways. Your greatest achievement. By building a Wonder of the World, you will leave your mark in the history books of Travian. The whole game world races to reach this peak of human accomplishment, but only one alliance will be successful.

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The Grand Finale

Welcome to the ultimate challenge. To pull this off, you need armies and resources of previously unknown proportions. Your alliance will have to give its performance of a lifetime when it coordinates the building of the Wonder of the World and defends it against the combined forces of the rest of the server – all without neglecting its own defenses. Also, you have to destroy your opponents to make sure they don’t beat you to the show. The race is on.

“Reach the pinnacle of human achievement!”

Ancient Relics

On your travels you will come across forts of an old civilization, the Natars. Nowadays, they are just a shadow of their former dominion, yet their prowess in artifice is still unchallenged. Slowly, other tribes have begun surpassing them in size and the Natars went into hiding, defending their artifacts with all they have left. If you come to own such a relic, you will have unspeakable strength at your hands. But be wary – the whole world is eyeing them. And you will be at the center of their gaze.

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Strange Powers

These relics of ancient knowledge have powers too hard to believe for the common man. Place a certain one in your village and watch your buildings harden and your walls become impenetrable. Others enhance your military vigor and enable your troops to finish their training much faster. The most unique artifacts are of such power they affect your whole empire - from its southernmost state to its northern borders.

Daring Adventures

You are the hero of your village. There will be opportunities so dangerous, only the bravest would take them on. Whispers of deadly beasts, rumors of haunted treasures and cries for help that are surely a ruse. They call for you. Go on adventures and with luck, you will find heaps of resources, treasures and powerful weapons.

Annual Specials

There are always exciting new features in the annual special of Travian: Legends. Most recently, alliances fight over control of ancient European regions. Teamwork is more important than ever, because only the alliance that holds the majority can tap into the regional powers. In addition, people can fund collaborative developments in areas like metallurgy or trading that benefit all members of the alliance.

"Mysterious powers are waiting to be discovered…"